Winter Grilling Tips

Grills in winter

Here are some useful tips for winter grilling in cold weather.


  • Keep plenty of propane around. Consider keeping a filled spare tank in reserve. Tanks may not work reliably when temps dip below freezing, so store propane tanks where they won’t freeze.
  • Wind is the enemy of grilling, regardless of time of year. Operate your grill in a sheltered location or setup a wind break.
  • Allow more time to pre-heat the grill. It may take up to twice as long to pre-heat during winter than during summer.
  • Don’t force the lid or knobs if frozen in place. Thaw the grill in the garage or carefully defrost stuck parts with a blow dryer.
  • To avoid carbon monoxide risks, don’t operate your grill in enclosed locations.

During The Cook

  • Keep the grill hot by keeping the lid closed as much as possible. Don’t peek too much.
  • Use a probe thermometer to monitor internal meat temperature without having to open the lid.


  • Give the grill grates a quick brush-off after cooking while the grates are still hot.
  • Cover the grill as soon as it’s completely cooled.
  • Move propane tank to a non-freezing location, if necessary.

Adapted in part from a Consumer Reports article, February 2021.
Photo Credit: TVWBB member Chuck Simon.