How To Trim Silverskin From Pork Tenderloin

I recently published this video demonstrating how to trim silverskin from pork tenderloin. I followed this process for the pork tenderloin recipes I’ve posted on this site, including Grilled Teriyaki Pork Tenderloin and Pork Tenderloin Steaks.

And it’s the same process whether you’re trimming a beef tenderloin or even the teres major steak I wrote about in my last post. Continue reading How To Trim Silverskin From Pork Tenderloin

Teres Major Steak

Introducing The Teres Major Steak

Uncooked teres major steak

Teres major is not a steak you will find at most supermarkets. You’ll have to seek it out at a good butcher shop or from online sources. But it’s worth the effort to find and grill on your Weber gas grill.

Also known as a shoulder petite tender roast, petite tender, shoulder tender, or bistro tender, the teres major steak is lean but juicy, and as the alternate names imply, it’s very tender. It’s shaped like and eats a lot like a tenderloin but with a bit more fat and thus more flavor.

Beef chuck diagramThe teres major muscle is tucked away inside the chuck primal and comes from the shoulder blade. It takes more time and effort to fabricate this cut from the shoulder clod, which is why you don’t see it often in the usual retail settings. Continue reading Teres Major Steak