Checking For Gas Leaks


Anytime you disconnect and reconnect a gas fitting in your Weber gas grill, you should check for gas leaks. Gas fittings include the connections between:

  • Propane tank or NG supply to regulator
  • Regulator to hose
  • Gas line to manifold and optional side burner
  • Manifold to control valves

To access some of these connections, you may need to disassemble part of the control panel. See your grill’s owners manual to identify each connection and learn how to access them.

To check for leaks, confirm that all burners are turned off, including any side burner. Turn on the propane or NG supply. Do not light the burners during the test.

Make a solution of dishwashing liquid and water. Using a brush or cloth, wet each gas fitting with the soapy solution. If you see bubbles forming, there is a leak. Turn off the gas supply, tighten the connection and retest with the soapy solution. If the leak persists after tightening the connection, do not operate the grill and contact a Weber dealer for assistance or call Weber Customer Service at 800-446-1071.

With the testing complete, turn off the gas supply and carefully rinse each gas fitting with clean water to remove any soapy residue that might corrode the connections.