Protecting Your Grill From Theft

Bob Correll on The Virtual Weber Bulletin Board has an idea for protecting your high-priced Weber gas grill from theft that involves deception.


But seriously, grill theft does happen and there are steps you can take to protect your investment in Weber quality.

I once lived in an apartment complex where my Weber Genesis 2 was situated on a patio in front of my unit, behind an unlocked gate just a few steps from a common walkway. I could just imagine someone rolling off with my grill while I was away at work.

As a deterrent, I drilled a hole in the concrete patio and installed a lag shield anchor and large eye bolt. I secured the grill frame to the eye bolt using a beefy bicycle cable and padlock.

My grill was never stolen. I know my solution wasn’t perfect, that locks and cables can be cut, but it did make theft more difficult and it felt better than doing nothing at all. And when I moved out of that apartment, it was easy to remove the eye bolt and anchor and no one noticed the hole in the concrete patio. If I’d been thinking, I would have filled the hole with concrete caulk and made it disappear completely.

So give some thought to your grill security situation and come up with a solution that’s right for you. It may involve simply moving your grill to a more secure location on your property. It may involve a cable and lock like I used. Or maybe you’ll come up with your own innovative solution. If so, I hope you’ll share it here and on The Virtual Weber Bulletin Board so we can all learn how to keep our grills safe and secure.