Repair Rusted Screw Holes With QuikSteel

It’s not uncommon to encounter a rusted-out screw hole when restoring an old Weber gas grill. How do you repair a rusted-out screw hole? In some cases, it’s easy enough to clean-out whatever remains of the hole and replace the original screw with a bolt and nut. But in some cases, you’ll want (or need) to repair the screw hole so the original screw can be used again.

One solution is to use a product like Blue Magic QuikSteel. It’s an epoxy putty that fills the hole and hardens like steel. Once cured, QuikSteel can be drilled, tapped, filed, sanded and painted just like steel, and depending on the variety used, withstands temperatures up to 2400°F.

Blue Magic 18003 QuikSteel High Temperature Metal Repair Blister Card – 3 oz.

Remove loose rust with a wire brush or sanding tool, then remove any dirt, grease or oil with a solvent. Follow package instructions to fill the hole and allow the epoxy to cure. Drill the new hole, tap new threads if needed, then sand the area smooth and paint with high-temp barbecue paint.