Repainting The Firebox

Weber gas grills are notorious for flaking, peeling paint on the firebox. The gas grill warranty covers the paint for two years, which is about how long it takes to start flaking and peeling on your grill! But to be fair, the firebox does get very hot and paint is no match for those high temperatures.

So what to do? You repaint the exterior surface yourself. You do not repaint the interior. The process is pretty straight-forward.


Start by using a wire brush to remove any loose paint. Hit the flaky spots with fine-grit sandpaper to make them ready for painting.

You don’t have to remove the firebox as shown here…this is part of a full-blown restoration. You can simply mask-off the surrounding surfaces with newspaper and masking tape and paint in place.


Use flat black high-temp spray paint to repaint the firebox. Two thin coats of paint is usually better than one thick coat.


Depending on your particular grill, you can even repaint the lid end caps using the same process.


The results are pretty satisfying. A fresh coat of black paint will make your Weber gas grill look good as new. Just remember to save that leftover spray paint…because you’ll be repainting again two years from now.


These photos are from a 1992 Genesis 1000 restoration by Bob U. You can see more photos of this restoration on The Virtual Weber Bulletin Board.