Loco Moco Revisited

I’ve mentioned loco moco previously here on The Virtual Weber Gas Grill, so I will let you read that article to learn the basics about this popular Hawaiian meal.

For this loco moco, instead of using a ground pork patty, I grilled-up some high quality Creekstone Farms Black Angus ground chuck burgers.

Creekstone Farms ground chuck burger

Some medium grain rice in the bottom of the bowl…

Medium grain rice in bottom of bowl

…followed by the beef burger…

Burger on top of rice

…some store-bought brown gravy…

Brown gravy over the burger

…followed by an egg cooked just the way you like…

An over-medium egg

…with a splash of Cholula hot sauce on top…

Chalula hot sauce on egg

…and you’re well on your way to a “kanak attack”* for sure.

Prefer your eggs scrambled? Me, too. Perhaps not as authentic, but the beauty of loco moco is that you can make it just the way YOU like it!

Loco moco with scrambled egg

Easy to make, great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and very satisfying. I’m crazy about loco moco and I think you will be, too. I hope you’ll give it a try!

* Kanak Attack: (Hawaiian) The feeling of intense laziness that one gets from eating too much.