Weber Gas Grills Are Tops

Recently, I read an article from an authoritative source that had nice things to say about a whole bunch of Weber gas grills. Sadly, I am not allowed to identify the source and I cannot quote directly from the article.

Dumb, right?

But I’m pretty sure that based upon my own personal, extensive knowledge of Weber gas grills plus the information I learned in this article, I can tell you that the following are really awesome Weber gas grills that you should consider buying over competitive grills. Trust me.

Weber Spirit II E-210

Weber Spirit II E-210

Weber Genesis II E-310

Weber Genesis II E-310

Weber Genesis II S-335

Weber Genesis II E-330

Weber Genesis II SE-335

Weber Summit S-470

Weber Spirit II S-310

Weber Summit E-670

Weber Summit E-670Weber Genesis II E-410

Weber Genesis II S-435

Congratulations to Weber for putting together such a strong line-up of gas grills! It looks like you can’t lose no matter what size Weber gas grill you buy this summer!